Hunting is not Glamorous

Hunting is not glamorous.

99% of hunting is not about the kill but really about the Hunt.


It’s climbing hills in either very hot or very cold weather.

Getting sunburned and windburned,

Sprained ankles, thorns, splinters, slipping down mountains and rockpiles -sometimes the elements get you wondering why did I do this again?

keeping on the lookout for bears and mountain lions in the backcountry.

Getting up at 3am for the CHANCE of good hunt.

There are many times when hunting especially for big game you want to call it quits and for every day of success, there are many many days of disappointment.

Through all this you learn more about your will and yourself.



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  1. Foragingwino

    In the Rockies where I see some of the bear rakes on aspens get fairly high, one does worry about a bear encounter when muzzle loader hunting. Other archery hunters carry a 44 Rem Mag. on their side when elk hunting, but that’s a lot of weight so I settled on a can of bear spray which will do for cougar as well. I will be going out for elk and moose in the Rockies this year and the spray will be at the ready on the right side of my pack. When sheep hunting in Utah, there was a bear warning sign in a camp to not use the camp. When in Wyoming, we all worry about grizzlies. Usually when I have downed an animal, I leave my rifle back in the vehicle, but not in Wyoming for obvious reasons.

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