Linguine w/ guanciale, caramelized red onion, sweet shrimp stock, clam stock, littleneck clams, grilled amaebi

How I thought of this recipe I don’t know, but probably just wanted to take some shrimp pasta from a few days ago to the next level.  it’s quite an easy recipe that requires time.  brown the guanciale and then lift it and reserve a few TBSP of the guanciale fat to caramelize the red onions.  I use about 1:1 ratio of guanciale to red onion in volume.  Then add san marzano tomatoes and cook it quickly.  too long of a cook time will release too much acid from the tomatoes and san marzanos are sweet, it should take 15-20 min only.  Reserve and let the flavors of the red onion, guanciale, and tomatoes marry.  add a little shaved parmigiana reggiano.

I cut half the heads off and peel the bodies and eat half of the amaebi raw(santa barbara prawns/sweet shrimp).  I roast the bodies in olive oil and salt and garlic and then let them drink vodka, about 2 cups.  reduce the vodka until it doesn’t taste alcoholic and then add water and simmer for 30-45 minutes with some aromatics – black peppercorns, bay leaf, too.  in a separate pan I got littleneck clams going with white wine, shallots, garlic, black peppercorns, bay, thyme.  Then I mix the two and add a touch of cream.  Then I grill the amaebi and done. epic pasta

classic bucatini amatriciana is served w/ rosso toscana and even though it’s a seafood dish I still used the toscana.  works! 

takes a long time to make the components of this pasta and a bunch of utensils – china caps, chinois…but, worth it.  The brand of dried pasta I used was Marella Linguine.


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