Grassfed flat iron bolognese part 1

So, I like using chuck portion to make ground meat.  There’s a lot of flavor in the shoulder/chuck area, particularly the neck and flat iron as well.  With the grassfed flat iron, however, I prefer to take the sinew out of the middle before grinding.  See the short process as follows…quite simple.DSC00455

Whole flat iron


as you can see the middle has connective tissue, which if not cooked long enough will be gristle.


I removed it for the sake of grinding the meat


preparing the meat for the grinder


grinded with THIS grinder.  Highly recommended especially for the home cook and for the price-value ratio.  The flavor of the meat is best with a fresh-grind and its juiciness is …well…juicy.


mise-en place. ground flat iron (3.5 pounds. 2 cups each of onions, carrots, celery.


sweat the onions for a few minutes in butter, then carrots and celery

add the meat until it loses its red color.  season the meat. add 2 cups of whole milk


let the whole milk bubble then turn down to a slow simmer until it is all evaporated.  then add 2 cups of dry white wine until the alcohol is burned off.  then add 3 cups of italian tomatos. and cook low. slow. 3 -5 hours.

Finished product To be continued…

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