Food or Health?

Personally I hate going to the doctor, to the dentist, and even get a haircut.

But in times like these, I think that there are few more important things than our health – not just my health or my family’s health but the health of our neighbors and fellow citizens of America and of the world.

When faced with the choice of should I put FOOD on my table because I can’t afford a day off – or should I CHECK out my symptoms and make sure I DON’T SPREAD IT – (many people across all industries, have this crippling dilemma), many people will choose to fight through their ailment, even with a known potential crisis battering at our doorstep.  The arguments I’ve heard against having affordable healthcare is that we should take care of our own bills – i’ll take care of mine and you take care of yours.   Well that doesn’t work too well if your neighbor or coworker is walking around your building spreading the virus everywhere because he is still going to work and not getting treatment.  That is very American thinking (freedom to become anything we want to be, I made it by myself, pulled myself up by my bootstraps and got to work and I pay for my stuff and you pay for your stuff) but it is also very UN-American.  WE the PEOPLE.  UNITED. STATES.

Since we live in society, we have an obligation to take care of and love our neighbors.  Yes, I understand you pay taxes, and why should I pay taxes to take care of someone else? This is why.   Maybe that person is a dishwasher or a cook in your restaurant.  Or an employee in your office. Would you rather they check it out, or continue to spread it around?

I don’t endorse any political party.  I don’t generally believe in free handouts, but I also don’t believe in denying someone necessary care.  There are going to be people that abuse a system no matter how it is.  If I like the republican candidate I will vote for the republican candidate based on values.  If I like the democratic candidate I will do the same.  But I believe that when you’re talking about the most powerful person in the world they should be honorable and have good judgment. Not put the health of an entire country at risk because he wants to keep the economy propped up. These things are temporary. Fighting and showing good leadership in times making decisive actions without being vindictive and being able to LEAD people whether they agree with you 100% or not is the sign of a good leader. I believe in the rising of the tide that if our people are winning, then I will, too.

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