Fishes for Grandpa

My good friend Keith said that he spent a half hour the other day watching my Youtube spearfishing videos, “back when [I] used to be good.”  I’m old. Washed up…slow reaction time now.  I felt I was being axed like Kobe Bryant.  It’s true and I deserved that fire to be lit under my arse – I don’t get out on the water nearly enough and that’s my own doing – nobody else’s.  It was a long time coming and I’m so glad that today in particular I was able to spend time at an empty island with some of my closest and longest-known dive buddies.  When diving, there’s nothing to bother you. There’s 15 miles of coastline and zero boats around.  It’s the best relaxation.

Hunting the Calico Bass that we hunt at this time of year when the pelagic fish (white seabass and yellowtail) aren’t yet comfortable with the cold 55 degree water, we play the ultimate game of hide and seek.  You pop your head around the corner of a kelp stalk, they ‘run’ away, you swim after – they swim faster.  You’re two steps back at the start and twenty two behind at the end.  So your tough task is to constantly anticipate their moves so you can be 3 moves ahead. You find ways to intercept their path, the only problem is they not only see you, but with their lateral line they feel you.

It’s chess; underwater, with your body.  On your breathhold.

I got to the island, stared at the wonder of nature.  And : )’d.

My goal for the day was some lobster and filet-o-fish.

I came across many an Abalone and what a pity that it is illegal to take in Southern California(middle).  Sea Urchin spines (top left corner)

The trip went by too fast, but will be back soon, Catalina

We got back from the island and I got a call that put a damper on the success in the water and peacefulness of the Earth and Ocean.  But maybe that’s how the day was supposed to be, that my grandpa passed away and was finally at peace with the Earth.  My grandpa full of sacrifice and love for his family left behind 4 kids and 6 grandchildren.  He was full of style, heart, and his favorite food was fish.  In Chinese, the pronunciation of fish has the same pronunciation as rain, meaning abundance and signifying long-life.  Maybe that’s why he lived from October, 1918 – February 20, 2012.  

He would be a very proud man today.  fish and lobster. to long life and my amazing grandpa.  I hope there are endless rivers of fish and seas of abundance in Heaven.


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