Fish are Food

The whole point of my getting fish is to use it in freshness and in health.  Vows of importance: do not freeze fish.  #fishsnobbery
Here are some of the dishes made in the past 2 days alone.
  • applewood smoked bacon fish chowder (sheepshead meat). Cause you gotta have soup! even though it’s 80 degrees outside in the wintertime…
  • spanish style “poor man’s” soup w/ puréed fish bones & poached Calico Bass & Sheepshead
  • spiny lobster sashimi. fleur de sel. sriracha. meyer lemon
  • pan seared calico bass w/ fleur de sel and lemon (imo, this is the best way to eat fish to taste its true flavor, maybe some drawn butter and garlic, then decide how to manipulate it next time)
  • calico bass escabeche poached in red wine vinegar w/ red onions and tiny bits of avocado.
  • cream of lobster shooter (tarragon, tomato, cream).  butter poached lobster.
  • special toast – chicken heart and gizzard confit.  herb mayonnaise.  balsamic vinegar reduction.
  • portabello mushroom ravioli w/ sage brown butter
  • duck breast.  port reduction.  sautéed spinach.
meehan made:
  • Calico Bass w/ Chanterelles, stinging nettles, Roasted Garlic Oil, chanterelle dust
  • Braised Wild Pig, smoked potato puree, peas, dehydrated Prosciutto, lardo crumbs
  • lobster crudo, oranges, miner lettuce, saffron gelee
If you ever get your hands on a $35/lb retail california spiny and it doesn’t cut your whole thumb to pieces, cut off its tail, get the orange membrane off and stick it in the freezer to chill for 5 minutes then devour it like a T-rex lobster eating monster).  I’m not a trex but I am a lobster eating monster. ^^
Prepared lobster sashimi

Lobster Bisque with chunks of Butter Poached lobster.  Worse for you than a shot of 151. But tastes so much better.

Momma said dont play with yo food, son.

Duck Breast; I love random Wednesdays!

Then remember all the seafood from a few days ago? Meehan came by to grab a coffee and make some pretty art with some seafood

calico bass, sheepshead, and green rockfish

KM: Calico Bass w/ Chanterelles, stinging nettles, Roasted Garlic Oil, chanterelle dust

KM: Here’s the wild hog from here.  Braised Wild Pig, smoked potato puree, peas, dehydrated Prosciutto, Lardo crumbs

KM: lobster crudo, oranges, miner lettuce, saffron gelee

We’ve been using all parts of the animal. The cheeks, the bones blended and strained for the Spanish soup with poached fish and another Fish chowder w/ Applewood smoked bacon.  Experimenting with whole animals or complete fish and controlling the process from start to finish gives a type of satisfaction that is hard to describe…I think it starts with AWE and ends with SOME!

Imagine my ELATION when I made a cappuccino using my Kitchenaid.  And the foam held the sugar like a champ. I felt S M R T.  🙂

I made this calico bass escabeche/ceviche by poaching it in red wine vinegar for 16 hours and shoveled it in my mouth in 2 seconds.

Life is good no matter what, and I cherish every day on this earth.


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