first day in HK

In Hong Kong, a lot of the wine stores are lined with tons of Bordeaux. I’m sure lots are fake. But, (we) Chinese like name brand everything… lol And – if it’s expensive, it must be good.  On the flip side, there’s a number of Penfolds from Australia (however Penfolds I’ve found personally very hard to keep track of, given that they name their wines by the lots).  So “lot 100” could be crap and cheap and lot 101 could be amazing and expensive (though the two are not necessarily proportional…unless you’re Chinese).  And unless you really know what you’re looking for or can look it up at the store, it’s hard to tell.  (i don’t have LTE here since I turned off roaming – only WiFi since I’d rather have rice to eat than pay hundreds of dollars in roaming charges and eat dirt). The local supermarket called TASTE has a pretty extensive selection of prepared foods from sushi to chinese breads, to Hong-kong style pizzas with a number of different toppings.  To my surprise, there was an Italian charcuterie section that also featured a number of 36 month aged jamon Iberico legs.  There is also good quality a5 Wagyu in the local supermarket.  Here’s a link I found while searching for Kagoshima Wagyu.  Fish tanks are immaculate unlike the markets in Los Angeles.  They’re international with pompano and coral groupers in the same tank. I wonder if fish can communicate.  after all…. HK is a major hub… I got 4 lamb shanks, a chicken, a duck breast, some vegetables and corresponding ingredients… $1200HKD.  good lord I could have paid rent on 1/10th of a square foot for a month for that price!   Thanks wells fargo for thinking my transaction was fraudulent so I couldn’t check out.  Was surprised to see the large supermarket TASTE at Hong Kong’s Festival Walk implement no plastic bag law as well… and at .5HKD each, it’s about 15 cents each.  The cashiers in Hong Kong are the fastest I’ve seen at doing cash-computations.  Some more info on Wagyu from japan here –

20140121-184320.jpgkagoshima beef20140121-184330.jpg

20140121-184341.jpgstreet vendor20140121-184349.jpga little bit of dead fish on display (i’m saving the trip to Lei Yue Mun for later and blasting some major live-but-soon-to-be-steamed-alive selecciones….

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