Fast food

Fast food is convenient for saving time and money, but in the end, there is no convenience for the animals.  And i’m sure lacking convenience for human health. 

Pigs are not just Bacon highlights some of the issues that woe not just pigs but cows (both dairy and meat), chickens, ducks, and so forth.  It’s worth a few minutes of watching:

Eating Fast food? Gimme.  Eat an $80 meal for lunch and not hungry until 11pm?  $ value menu sounds good.  I love dominos.  I will drive through Del Taco when there’s nothing open at 4am and load up on cheap eats and sodium (and cottonmouth when I wake up in the morning).

from here on out: 

I will try my damndest or however u spell it to not eat fast food or other shitty meats.  I’ve read studies on meat dipped in ammonia so that it could be served without patrons getting sick.  YUMMM…not.

follow up on my beliefs as both a hunter and a person who is a #foodsnob:

Our dental structure shows we were made by God to eat both plants AND animals.  I think (yes, my personal opinion ;p ) that we should aim to eat quality meat, but less of it unless we can get the high quality both WE and the animals deserve.

Although the video looks to be produced by PETA, I am NOT a proponent of PETA because they terrorize people, and are radical in both views and their actions.  However, I do agree that we should know where our meat (and fish) comes from and make educated choices for both the betterment of ourselves and the animals simultaneously and ourselves as a result of the animals.

 I personally won’t serve people frozen fish…

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