Complexity of Thai + Chinese
Check this video.  

He also failed big time at dim sum. People look at Thai and Chinese (whatever that means because there’s so many different regions and it is one of the most complex countries in terms of food) as simple take out places but for instance, the best dim sum places in the US aren’t half as good as Hong Kong. And the steamed fish (that everyone knows the technique) is also not even in the same galaxy as HK.  

But it’s more recently I’ve seen even in our trip to Arzak(former #2 restaurant in the world) that top restaurants are taking inspiration from the east- they used Gochuchang but unfortunately it was one of the worst brands from Korea like serving RC cola at your restaurant vs Coke- kind of laughable.  
Use great product + technique and execution + taste and balance.  When you get to the higher levels timing of dishes and pace of meal becomes integral to the ebb and flow of the meal like a piece of music.  

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