Chicken Fire

Sooo, I was craving rice like a good Chinese boy and began roasting a Jidori chicken @ 500F (they’re tasty, natural, and much smaller than “normal” chickens) then I got ADD and instead diverted plans.  Stir fried lemongrass, curry powder, garlic, ginger…etc and coconut milk and wanted to pressure cook this thing.  I was hoping to get a crispy skin but usually in the roasting process, the crispy chicken skin comes right after a bit of basting in the pan juices about 45 minutes into the ~ 55 min time.  Yeah no time for that after watching this Golden state v Spurs game drag on for 2OT.  So I cracked open this magnum bottle of wine and started gulping it like gatorade after a workout and pulled the chicken out when tender, I don’t know how long.  3 glasses in?  Then saw the limpy droopy skin and thought, my blowtorch is bored in my truck.

some of the skin had fallen off because of the braise but it did good quick work of the chicken skin.

garlic confit cooked in oil for ~ 30 minutes, tamaki gold rice, jidori chicken, green onions + red bell peppers + massaman curry.  simple dinner.

p.s. my parents never let us watch beavis and butthead.  Payback fire fire

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