everyone should know how to make pasta just like making good rice.  Staples that you can make in 15 minutes.  I’m in the midst of making a smoked wild suckling pig ragu, and starving.  First meal of the day at midnight…

Here, lots of garlic, black pepper and olive oil in a nice pan (triple ply Paderno or All-Clad – something that heats up fast and cools down fast) is ideal for pasta.


2tbsp of minced garlic

1 tsp black pepper

1 heaping tsp of chopped calabrian chilies

pinch salt

make the water you boil the pasta in as salty as the sea (not the dead sea)

lots of parmigiano reggiano or pecorino romano

I turn the heat on med high then shortly after put in olive oil and get it warm but not crazy hot.  I get the minced garlic going so it releases a lot of flavor.  It’s a touch thing – if it gets too hot, add more oil and take it off the heat.  Then add black pepper and a touch of salt.  I have another pot of salted water going with the Rustichella Bucatini (that’s the brand, and type of pasta, respectively).  I shave some parmigiano reggiano (you can do pecorino + grana padano if you want), in the garlic + pepper + calabrian chile mixture then add some starchy pasta water (the water you’re boiling the pasta in).  3 minutes before al dente i’ll finish the pasta in the mixture, so it soaks up all that flavor.  It should be timed so by the time all the water is reduced in your garlic pan, the pasta is perfect.



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