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He’s one of my best friends – I introduced him to hunting, and am trying to introduce him to spearfishing but the guy won’t jump in the water with the sharks but will cruise down the streets of Tel Aviv with the Hezbollah.  Huh?

There are questions. But as far as cooking goes, it’s no secret I’m a big fan of Ori Menashe.  We share a similar philosophy – purist in nature (highlighted in the link below), unencumbered by useless adornments.  Could crack open Sea Urchin and eat it like that.  Rip off a some California Spiny Lobster tails and have a meal or 5. Eat a good steak with salt and pepper.


Eater LA wrote about the top 18 Restaurant openings of 2012.  Bestia grabbed the #1 spot! Not bad for opening November 23, 2012 😉

Jonathan Gold wrote about the purist-nature of Bestia and “just-write” cooking at Bestia:,0,7931957.story

This was from a lobster dinner at my place, 7 courses of lobster… yeah baby.

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