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This is my favorite picture in my favorite place.  an hour before Chasing my favorite fish (Grouper)

My mom says they probably picked up the wrong baby.  That I’m not Chinese – that I’m either Vietnamese because I could eat Pho 7 times a day, or born on the wrong side of the border (referring to Mexico, not Canada, ey?).  But let’s get it straight, mom…my love for Mexico extends well beyond Mariscos and drug lords… I also love quesadillas!  But in all seriousness, because food is serious business, I started not by killing fish nor trying to hit furry animals with my car, but playing with flour and butter- emulating recipes by David Rosengarten when I was 10 years old.  To this day, the Extra-Sharp Cheddar Cheese Crust apple pie is my favorite pie, and my mom’s chocolate cake with one almond on each slice is one that my brother and I enjoy better than any other in the world.  4 michelin stars.  #Nostalgia

My culinary journey didn’t always start with fresh fish and meat that died in my hands.  Every Saturday, I would walk down to Taco Bell with my dad and eat some nachos with fake cheese and cinnamon twists, and even though my family wasn’t poor (I wish we were because then I would probably hunt every day), we would only go out for special occasions – Christmas and Birthdays.  So it’s hard to say when my appreciation for food really came about, but one of two things pointed it out to me.  In and out… In and out…. That’s what a… oops there goes my A-D-D.

Steamed fish and Sushi.  Everyone knows the ingredients that go into steamed fish, but the touch is the most elemental part of it.  And when I first bit into that succulent amaebi over perfect grains of rice, it became apparent that there’s really only a few major things: the best ingredients (freshest fish), the way you slice it (your touch), and the way the accompaniments bring out the natural flavor of your key ingredient (the rice).  which is not to say the SAKE and GREAT COMPANY aren’t important.  But good food goes with good drink and people. Thanks to my brother my “worst of the 3 wines was a Gaja Langhe Sperss a mere 297 points for my first 3 bottles that I downed like a fish.  MMMmm… good… (it all tasted the same at the time. I was 21, sue me).

My aim is to provide entertainment and something valuable through my mediocre writing, my pretty-good pictures, and a really good concept 🙂  Enjoy – food through its entire process.  feel free to send me an email.  I would love to hear from you.


RX Review Biography (and recipe)


BESTIA LA Biography


white seabass sashimi, sriracha, a touch of maple syrup, and smoked bacon bit(yet to be put on). word?

Yeap, it was an amazing day on the water





  1. I luv how u chase ur dreams ♥ gd luk

  2. Very humorous writing! I enjoy reading your blog! =)

  3. you fat

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