1 Fish 5 Dish

No writing just pictures!

i take pictures while driving.  pictures are more important than your safety on the road! just kidding…

no, i’m not kidding.

You’re probably wondering what is the big deal with the picture?  Catalina Island 26 miles offshore was incredibly clear yesterday.

once down the hill.

try: i walk down the hill /to get the fish /yes.

(I don’t know how to write Haiku, just play with fish and boars)

When you look at the next picture you will wonder why the gap in the picture taking – because the entire dive was video’d and now being edited! Stay tuned… dead fish next

good 2 hour dive, it was 55 degrees…brrrr.

My friend earlier in the day sounded so dejected he hadn’t been able to get into the water.  One of his workers who rides a motorcycle was hit by a car : ( Food is meant to be shared!  Dropped him some fish and took the rest home…but not before he and his wife “forced” me to drink some port and eat some pizza 🙂

So then the compulsory oysters (fanny bay and santa barbara hope) with some white wine to enjoy figure out what to make….I had a magic number “5” in my head, and wanted to make 5 things from 1 fish.  I love clams and mussels and their broth is incredible, tastes like the ocean., so I started with that.  Then some textural contrasts with crispy skin and after going with broths and nicer looking plates decided to kick it back to filet-o-fish wednesdays with some fish eaten by hand.  well no, my hand does not eat, but you know what I meant.

  • Mussels and Clams w/ Poached calico bass
  • Pan-fried Calico Bass w/ sauce Vierge & olive+anchovy tapenade / lemon zest
  • Sake-ginger poached calico bass then blowtorched
  • pan-fried Calico Bass parsley garlic breadcrumbs
  • beer battered bass
    making the stock

for a sauce vierge w/ olive oil, lemon juice, tomato, basil, coriander

Rustic mussels and clams w/ poached calico bass paired, splash of lemon juice w/ pinot bianco

crisping the skin in canola oil

Pan-fried Calico Bass w/ sauce Vierge & olive+anchovy tapenade / lemon zest

sake-ginger poached calico bass then blowtorched.  Asian-ish recipe

bet you thought I was above using MSG.  I’m not. (I did say asian recipe..?)

beer batter

crisping skin on parsley+garlic breadcrumb bass.  de Buyer makes carbon steel pans (ideal for stove and oven)

super flakey and crispy exterior + heinz ketchup 

“I cook with wine; sometimes, I even add it to the food.” -W.C Fields

Hope your day is delicious.


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