KPCC/NPR Take Two's NPR – On The Hunt

On KPCC/SCPR today Check out more photos and stories – direct link here: On the left hand side you can listen to the piece!   I reuploaded the wild boar ragu recipe video, and will write you detailed instructions in case you want it ūüôā to come.  

Watching a hunt unfold in front of your eyes…

Literally watching your friend have a successful hunt in front of your eyes¬†is soooo satisfying, and like watching magic unfold. ¬†Every time it happens I’d argue that it can be even more satisfying than catching something yourself. ¬†I spent the night picking 30 pounds of grapes, 60 pounds of pomegranates and¬†#hunting¬†a 325 pound¬†#wildboar¬†w/ Ori Menashe[…]

"Hookup" Ragu

wild boar legs and shoulders marinating in wine & aromatics & herbs

There’s a few principles that I use whether in a duck ragu, a wild boar ragu, or oxtail vaccinara.

1) I like to use the best quality meat in my ragus (all of my dishes, really). ¬†I see chefs doing expensive pop ups using commodity meat. ¬†I don’t personally get it. ¬†For me, an animal has died so we might as well source the best ones. ¬†That’s why I love the flavor of wild, and grassfed, and so on. ¬†End of rant ūüėČ .

2) Intensify the natural flavor with bone and long cooking times […]