Oak Trees and Acorns and Deer and Wild Pigs.

I saw Oak trees and acorns and deer and cows and wild boars and ducks and frogs.  and I will tell you this…

One wild boar didn’t make it. 


It’s the job of the hunter or the fisherman to not waste any meat that can be salvaged.  Here, I’m butchering and contemplating how to cut the boar based on the dishes I want to make.  Whether a cheek, or a heart, or a liver, someone can enjoy it and it’s all good, especially when prepared well.  Even the bones have tremendous flavor.  The hair? well it’s extremely coarse and will dull your knife :).   But, I’ve seen many cooks, chefs, hunters, and fishermen spend so much time getting a good quality product (preferably free range), and then they hack the meat by not knowing where the cuts are, or by rushing.  We owe it to the animal and your dignity to learn how to respect your food and have minimal waste!!!

Sangre.  Bacon. Pancetta.  Butchering is fun, but now the super fun part begins… stay tuned ^

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