Hanging Birds

I spoke with a chef who worked at the world famous faviken restaurant and a few other european restaurants on how they age birds along with Eleven Madison Park. Here were the takeaways: -guts in -hung by the feet -few days for small birds. A week or more for ducks -no blanching/no water for feather[…]

Pursuit Farms

Well, I started going with Pursuit Farms in light of the Lockdown. I meant to launch this before last year, but with construction at the restaurant, it wasn’t the right time. They wrote about it here: https://furthermore.equinox.com/articles/2018/06/allbirds-keep-priorities-in-check https://www.outsideonline.com/2411888/home-cooking-ingredients-upgrade But I really started this about 5 weeks ago though we’ve been supplying restaurants for a bit[…]

Not the Flu

Harvard to move out all students within 5 days. some of the best doctors and minds in the world. No, it’s not just the flu. -Received information from my cousin who’s a Harvard Med doctor whose colleague was on the CDC calls. – We are severely underprepared. -Numbers underreported. We’re behind by 3-4 weeks even[…]

Food or Health?

Personally I hate going to the doctor, to the dentist, and even get a haircut. But in times like these, I think that there are few more important things than our health – not just my health or my family’s health but the health of our neighbors and fellow citizens of America and of the[…]


This blog hasn’t been updated in a long long time ūüôā¬† This is a famous wonton shoyu ramen in Tokyo, there was regular shoyu and also white shoyu, in Japan.¬† Not bad.¬† Cantonese are still king of wonton, by a long shot. Just testing to see if this blog will still accept me for neglecting[…]

Brooklyn Fare

3 star michelin restaurants… Price to value ratio and taste, Brooklyn Fare tops them all in the US. Along with food execution, you get Truffles Foie a lot of Sashimi Uni Lobster and no stupid fucking supplements! ¬† and the pace of the meal is superb.

Turducken ramen

NO JOKE…I am going to make a turducken Ramen. chicken as the base, a little bit of turkey drumstick cut into it and some roast duck. The art (YES ART) of making good soup is very much like making wine. it’s all about proportions of flavors and hitting high and low notes, rounding out the[…]

Catfish in thailand

BIG! FUN! Got two big ass¬†Catfish, but they are only medium sized for how gigantic the Mekong Catfish get. bunch of bread, some fish attractant, rolled up in a ball with dirty water, sounds like an appetizing recipe to me #carbs   2nd mekong catfish and a big ass smile from my first! both about[…]


      Rene, this is how I‚Äôll remember you.¬† happy. humble. beloved in our community a true icon in spearfishing. We miss you already and our hearts ache you are no longer here to share your endless wisdom, humility, and gentle spirit. It was a true blessing to know you, What a beautiful human[…]