Lack of writing

Dear faithful reader, Apologies that the meat and potatoes of the blog (writing + food being killed, cooked, and/or eaten) has been drenched by periods of absence – but there is good reason for it, and it will be uncovered shortly.  For now, two of the better menus of this week… pacific gold oysters sauvignon[…]

Fishes for Grandpa

My good friend Keith said that he spent a half hour the other day watching my Youtube spearfishing videos, “back when [I] used to be good.”  I’m old. Washed up…slow reaction time now.  I felt I was being axed like Kobe Bryant.  It’s true and I deserved that fire to be lit under my arse[…]

First Hunt

picture above: Rams hillside in the morning My parents aren’t hunters. My Grandparents aren’t hunters.  Even my GREAT grandparents weren’t hunters.  But somewhere along the line, maybe two-THOUSAND years ago, my ancestahs was hunters.  That’s a FACT!  Either that, or I was adopted. My dad went to MIT – then Harvard, my Brother – Yale,[…]