did a suicide run over to catalina island, with fog so thick you could barely see twenty feet in front along the whole LA–> Catalina crossing.  Needless to say it took a while to get over (9pm launch, 1am arrival).  We hit the first spot where I grabbed 5 lobster and moved to the[…]


A bitter lady walked by as I was waiting for my charcoal to light and said, pointing at the sky, “The Police Helicopter is coming after you.” ORLY? LOL. Seriously? She just be jealous of fresh spiny lobster, split, grilled simply over Binchotan Charcoal grill, overlooking the ocean. The colors of NomNom When people are[…]

Sept 7 Meals on Wheels LA Picnic


I’m pretty blessed to be part of this crew, (read part 1 here) and to be helping this amazing organization St. Vincent Meals on Wheels. http://stvincentmow.org/  Voltaggio won top chef season 6.  Ray Garcia won the Cochon competition for pig.  Neal Fraser is an LA Standout chef.  All the others are legit with some of the top restaurants in the city (God forbid…not NYC but…) #LA #westsiiiiiiide

ME? I’m just a neanderthal m-fer.  Come join.  The format is: each chefs gets a table.  Each of the chefs will be donating all the food and their time to make a picnic for the 30-35 guests who join in their table.  The ticket sales go to help feed the seniors/meals on wheels :).  So it’s a great cause and we’re all in this together. […]