Yellowtail Cutting in pictures

Go get some yellowtail either with a fishing rod or pole; they taste better than farm-raised (think wild salmon vs farmed salmon).  Smaller Yellowtail take a day to two to go through rigormortis and tenderize naturally.  Larger yellowtail, depending on the manner they were harvested will more than likely be 3-4 days before they are ready (the muscle fibers will still be tight).  You’re going to have to taste the fish in that time frame to make sure it’s perfect for serving.yt1

here, well-bled (while the heart is still pumping) yellowtail – cut the gills.  I’ve written a bit extensively on this.yt2

separating the loin from the belly […]

Independence Day

What would you do without Freedom?  Here are my favorite clips from Braveheart.   This July 4th I’m about to set this egg yolk freeeeee.  Egg yolk ravioli w/ minced black truffles, parmigiana reggiano, cluentio olive oil, brown butter, black truffles. 😉 Happy Independence Day, egg.

Whiskey Dinner

Hey guys! So, I’m doing a whiskey dinner with and Glenmorangie.  SO, having never tasted these I’m gonna wing the food pairing based on these tasting notes. the backup plan is wine.  I’ll write the menu up soon! Has anyone had these? Oh yeah try and pair #8 lol     Original 10 Year[…]

Urchin Menu

Got my menu for tomorrow!!!!! -sea urchin arancini. urchin risotto. onions cooked in ribeye cap fat. stuffed with ribeye cap + urchin. topped w/ sea urchin. -bonemarrow + stacks of uni -pizza w/ dehydrated urchin dough. urchin sauce. burrata. live shrimp. urchin. -lobster carpaccio. urchins steamed w/ guanciale broth then smoked w/ alder wood. –[…]


Got some more Moritakas from Kumamoto, Japan!!!!  These things are badass.  The 210mm deba on the left is heavy.  But the balance and feel of every Moritaka I’ve gotten = incredible.  And I like big knives.  The petty knife in the middle is something I don’t really use too much (detailed work).  I’m more into[…]


So lately, I’ve been working on a project in San Francisco.  I was really excited when we started, and I’m even more eager to start the build now that it’s been about 6 months into the process.  But, the project has been approached in a slightly backwards way. Let me explain. When you buy a[…]


A bitter lady walked by as I was waiting for my charcoal to light and said, pointing at the sky, “The Police Helicopter is coming after you.” ORLY? LOL. Seriously? She just be jealous of fresh spiny lobster, split, grilled simply over Binchotan Charcoal grill, overlooking the ocean. The colors of NomNom When people are[…]