Turducken ramen

NO JOKE…I am going to make a turducken Ramen. chicken as the base, a little bit of turkey drumstick cut into it and some roast duck. The art (YES ART) of making good soup is very much like making wine. it’s all about proportions of flavors and hitting high and low notes, rounding out the[…]

Water flush

i’m on this water flush. Similar to this here: http://fourhourworkweek.com/2013/05/06/how-to-cut-weight-ufc/ Today, I drank 2.5 gallons of water.  I look like i’m fucking pregnant with twins! lol Tomorrow, at least a gallon and the next day a gallon. I’ll start to cut my salt levels tomorrow (still drank some wine today), and then by Thursday/Friday should be[…]

Mortar and Pestle

Someone should make a mainstream automatic(electric/solar/gas) mortar and pestle. Because the flavor of ingredients pounded and mashed into each other is better than blended.  Sadly in countries that mortar and pestle is widely used, human labor is probably cheaper than electricity…      

Catfish in thailand

BIG! FUN! Got two big ass Catfish, but they are only medium sized for how gigantic the Mekong Catfish get. bunch of bread, some fish attractant, rolled up in a ball with dirty water, sounds like an appetizing recipe to me #carbs   2nd mekong catfish and a big ass smile from my first! both about[…]

China and M.E. Tops hands down

China and the Middle Kingdom (oops Chinese bias again) East have the most history – the most trade, and the most advanced cooking cultures in the world. The end.  It’s not even a question.    Without knowing as in depth about the specific recipes of the ME as China, and, i’m generalizing and grouping as a whole[…]

HK / Thailand / Taiwan

I just got back from Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, and then back to Hong Kong, and will update some food and pictures 🙂   On a random note, Trying to make reservations at restaurants that only accept reservations “1 month from today” is ridiculously dumb. Some shrimp grilling in Bangkok’s Chinatown.  #extebarri    


      Rene, this is how I’ll remember you.  happy. humble. beloved in our community a true icon in spearfishing. We miss you already and our hearts ache you are no longer here to share your endless wisdom, humility, and gentle spirit. It was a true blessing to know you, What a beautiful human[…]